40 Must-Have Items For Your Baby Registry

40 Must-Have Items For Your Baby Registry

These are some baby products that I love so much I just want to share them! These are all just my opinion and nothing is sponsored. I just like to share my experiences and thoughts to help other moms, especially the first-time mamas! These are not necessarily all things you HAVE to have for your baby, but in my opinion, they are things that I wouldn't want to go without now that I have them. Enjoy!
I LOVE this play gym. This is one of my favorite things that we got for Rowan and we're still using it. Sometimes we use it with the playmat underneath the wooden frame and sometimes we just lay the wooden frame over Rowan on the carpet and it stays in place. The toys that hang come off and allow us to put our own toys on when Rowan needs a change of scenery. It also comes with the little black and white "tent" cover, which is nice for us to bring outside to play to give Rowan some shade. This is SO worth the price!
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Rowan loves this mirror! It lights up and plays soothing or upbeat music. You can hang the little remote on your car visor to control the music from the driver's seat. This mirror is the first mirror I found that actually fit my car's headrest to allow me to clearly see Rowan's face in it.
I love these little nail scissors. They are so much easier to use than clippers in my opinion. They feel safer because I have more control over what I'm cutting and I can clearly see what I'm doing. They also aren't sharp at the tip so I can't poke Rowan while I'm cutting his nails.
I use these after cutting Rowan's nails with the nail scissors. These help to soften the sharp edges and are very gentle. Rowan doesn't mind them at all.
Honestly, this thing scared me a little when I first got it. I mean, why would I want to SUCK my baby's snot out of his nose with my own mouth?! It sounds gross, but this thing works wonders. The little foam filters are disposable and block bacteria and germs from getting to your mouth. I can get the snot out of his nose easily and have control over how gentle or strong the suction is. I usually use this along with Little Remedies Saline spray or drops for the best result!
These both help to loosen up stuff in your baby's nose before you suction it out. I use one of these before using the NoseFrida. I used the drops more often when Rowan was real little and now I think the mist works better for him.
This seat Is awesome. Before Rowan was able to sit on his own, he was able to sit in this and play with the toys that hang off of it. It gives a lot of support and seams comfortable for him. He still fits in it and loves it now (at 13 months old and about 19lbs). They also have these seats that come with trays for snacks and toys, or ones that come with covers if you're sitting outdoors in the sun.
This is so useful when you travel with a baby in the car! This is the container we have and it works great. It doesn't stand out too much, which I like, but it's able to hold a decent amount of trash. We use it for coffee cups, snack wrappers, dirty diapers when we change Rowan on-the-go, tissues, wipes, etc. Sometimes if we aren't using it for trash, I'll use it while traveling to hold dirty clothes and burp cloths until we are home to wash them. It's easy to reach from the front seat since it hangs higher up on the seat. Also, there are two mesh pockets on each side that are big enough to hold water bottles (or baby bottles, toys, etc.). There are tons of different ones on Amazon to choose from!
First of all, I would suggest having more than one travel changing pad laying around. I have a small one in my diaper bag and then I have one of these full-body changing pads in my living room and one in my car. It makes life easier when you have options for changing your baby that are easy to clean and easy to store. This pad folds up small and when it's open it's SO big and is amazing for babies as they start to get bigger. Also, this one is only $6! Can't beat that!

10. Oogiebear

This thing is great for helping get boogers out of your baby's nose or to get earwax out of their ear. I honestly think this works better for earwax than q tips!
I love this stroller organizer. It's sturdy and stays in place on my regular stroller as well as my jogging stroller. The compartments are perfect for holding a water bottle/ coffee cup, phone, headphones, baby toys, etc. I use the little wristlet to hold doggy bags and stick them through the little rubber hole so they're easy to grab. It's also very easy to keep clean because of the neoprene material.
This isn't the exact swing that we have (we have an older model that was handed down to us), but Rowan loved this swing so much when he was little! Sometimes it was the only thing that would calm him and put him to sleep. I would definitely recommend one if you have room. (He preferred this over the 4moms RockaRoo, although I know a few moms that love those as well).
We got this as a gift and I'm so glad we did! This was a lifesaver when Rowan was younger and would get upset in the car or stroller. As soon as I played the music from this monkey he would light up and smile. He also loves to play with the little teether and crinkle toy on the end.
We've used cloth bibs, silicone bibs, and these waterproof "plastic-y" bibs and the waterproof ones are my favorite. They are lightweight, waterproof so they don't stain, can be machine washed, and are easy to put on and take off. They also have a pocket on them to catch food that drops. These are the ones we have and they were a little big on Rowan until he was about 8 months old, but they work great now!
These are great for a lot of things. You can use them to help find a comfortable position for breastfeeding or use it for baby to lay or sit in. There are tons of fun covers in different patterns and materials that you can buy for them, too!
This is Rowan's FAVORITE teether. It's easy for him to hold and it's soft on his gums and teeth.
This is the cutest little toy! When Rowan was younger, he loved to watch the sloth's arms move and watch his belly light up. Now he loves to push the buttons on his feet and he holds the sloth's arms while he moves and sings and it's adorable. I can't see this toy getting old any time soon! The other Linkimal toys are also great options and connect to the sloth so they can all sing together.
This isn't the exact same jumperoo we have (we have an older model, but the same brand and type), but I would definitely recommend it! It keeps Rowan entertained and busy and still has room for him as he grows.
We got this as a playmat for Rowan to go on the carpet in our family room and it was a great decision. Rowan had bad reflux when he was little and would throw up often, and we were constantly scrubbing the floors and cleaning blankets that he was laying on. This mat is foam and cleans up so easily. It's large so there is plenty of space for him to roll around and play, and one side is a grey and white geometric pattern that makes it look like a rug. The other side is a little village with roads for playing with toy cars which we will flip it over to when Rowan is older. They have a lot of different mats that are similar out there, but I love this one!
I remember looking for strollers for our registry and I spent hours researching the best options that were safe, high quality, not too expensive, modern looking, lightweight, and easy to fold up with one hand. I already had a Graco Click Connect car seat so I needed something that was compatible with that. Someone recommended the City Mini GT to me with the Graco car seat adapter and I'm so glad they did! I can't say enough good things about this stroller. It's small, light, very easy to fold with one hand and folds up pretty small so it's easy to take in the car. There is a good amount of space underneath in the mesh basket and the shade cover folds down low to give baby shade even when the sun is low. I'd definitely recommend this stroller.
These are great for securing small toys to car seats or strollers. They aren't super strong so they may not work for older babies that are strong enough to pull them apart, but for younger babies/ toddlers, they work great! And they're only $4!
We use a Halo SleepSack every night for Rowan. They have cotton ones for warmer months and microfleece ones for cooler months. They are cozy and Rowan sleeps well in them. And they are much safer than blankets in the crib!
This seat was great for Rowan before he learned how to sit on his own. It gives a lot of support. There is a tray you can buy to go with it and we have it, but it's hard to get on and off so I didn't use it much.
I originally got this rain shield for rainy day walks/ errands, but now I use it as a "mask" for Rowan when we go out in public. The mesh on the sides makes it breathable, but the plastic keeps Rowan safe and dry. It's a little small on our Graco car seat, but it works for what we need it for.
This is the sterilizer we bought for cleaning baby bottles, pacis, etc. and I love it. It was easy to use, worked well, and sanitizes and dries within about 45 minutes or less.
This is the diaper bag I have and it's my favorite bag that I own. There is a TON of space, lots of pockets for organizing, and it looks so cute! The quality is great. I'm pretty rough with my bags and this bag is still in great shape after over a year. I recommend this bag to everyone who asks for diaper bag recos! I even used it for my own belongings before I brought Rowan home from the NICU.
Although it's a little greasy feeling for me, it works wonders on Rowan's dry skin and chapped lips. It's always good to keep this stuff laying around.
This sun hat is so cute and it's adjustable so it fits Rowan perfectly and will grow with him. It's longer in the back so it covers his neck and gives a good amount of shade on his face.
This toy always keeps Rowan entertained for a long time while he's in his high chair. It has suction cups on the bottom so it sticks to the tray.
Rowan has loved this ever since he was in the NICU. It plays soothing music, lights up, and the little fish move around. Now he's old enough to push the button on the front of it to turn the music and light on and off by himself. We play it every night for him when he goes to bed. It hangs on the side of the crib and is easy to put on and take off.
Another favorite teether toy for Rowan. It's easy for him to hold and soft on his gums and teeth.
This bottle warmer has been awesome for us. It's small, simple, and easy to use. Warms bottles perfectly in about 2-4 minutes depending on how much milk you're warming up.


Hands down my favorite nursing bras. I literally only wear these. They're soft and comfortable but still have some support.
Also a great nursing bra. It has more support than the first bra I listed and is great for workouts.
If you plan on pumping, BUY THIS. It attaches to both of the bras I listed above and holds the pump flanges for you so you can do other things with your hands while pumping. I hated the bandeau type pumping bras (I have a smaller chest so they would always just slide down or be too loose to hold the flanges).
This is the breast pump that I have and I love it! It's rechargeable so I don’t have to be plugged into the wall while pumping.
These are awesome for quick sterilizing for toys, pacis, bottles, pump parts. You just add water to the bag and pop it in the microwave for 90 seconds. Perfect for traveling.
Since we travel to Cincinnati often for Rowan's appointments, I needed a bag to keep my breast pump and all of the parts together. I found this bag on Amazon and I love it. It's simple and small and has a lot of pockets and storage that makes pumping on-the-go easier and more organized!
I bought these bottles as extra bottles to attach to my Spectra while I'm pumping. I was an overproducer so I always filled the Spectra bottles before my pump sessions were over. These Maymom bottles come and 4 oz and 9 oz (9 oz is what I use) and work great. The twist on cap give them a tight seal so they don't leak if they fall over in a cooler or diaper bag.
These are my favorite milk storage bags that I've tried. They're thicker, stronger, and are able to stand up on their own so it's easier to pour milk in. I found that the measurements were a little off, but I would just write down the measurement from the bottle that I pumped the milk into instead. These froze pretty flat, which was nice for storage purposes, and now that I'm thawing and using my frozen bags of milk, they don't break or leak or anything! I would definitely recommend these!