38 Care Package Ideas for NICU Mamas

38 Care Package Ideas for NICU Mamas


+ Snap-up PJs - They're the easiest especially if the baby is intubated, has a feeding tube, catheters, and/or wires. Carters has cute preemie sizes if your little one is teeny-tiny. Primary.com has regular sizes but also sizes larger than 9-12M if you need larger ones.
+ Swaddle blankets - Having our own blankets for our baby made it more comfortable for him and they were softer and cuter than the hospital ones. My favorite swaddles are from Milkmaid Goods and Copperpearl, or the ones from the Row Baby shop!
+ Hats, mittens, and socks - Most NICU babies can wear these items even if clothes and blankets are too complicated.
+ Board books - they’re small and are easy to keep clean.
+ Silicone or plastic rattles and toys - again, small and easy to clean.
+ Pacifiers - if you want to try any that are different than the NICU ones. Ryan & Rose ones are super cute and have a lot of good reviews.

(mostly a note for the mamas)

+ Pads - If you give birth vaginally, make sure to bring your own pads while you’re recovering. The NICU can give you some but they don't give you very many and they aren't great. Most recovery items you should be able to get from the hospital where you give birth. Ask for as many items as you can before you’re discharged!
+ Tylenol - The only pain med you're supposed to take if breastfeeding or pumping is Tylenol so keep extra bottles in your purse or car! If you aren't breastfeeding or pumping, any pain med will do.
+ Comfortable shoes - Make sure to have comfortable shoes with you in the NICU because will be doing a lot of standing by your baby's bedside or walking around the hospital to get water or food. After birth, you're feet and legs may still swell easily, so make sure to rest!


+ Water bottle - Breastfeeding/ pumping mamas are allowed to have a water bottle with only water in the NICU rooms. (No coffee, tea, pop, etc.)
+ Pumping bra - These make life so much easier when you're pumping every 2-3 hours.
+ Tylenol
+ Headphones
+ Phone charger
+ Chapstick and lotion - the NICU dries out your skin!
+ Change - for vending machine snacks.
+ Small snacks/ granola bars - to hide in a purse since they're technically not allowed in the NICU. I was always STARVING because I was pumping and didn’t want to leave to go eat a snack outside of the NICU.
+ Notebook and pens - to take notes from the daily rounds with doctors.
+ Books - to read while pumping, while baby is napping, or during a lunch or dinner break.
+ Toiletries - deodorant, dry shampoo, a hairbrush, face wipes, a toothbrush, makeup (if that’s your kind of thing), etc. to help you feel refreshed and “normal” if you stay the night often or spend multiple days straight in the NICU.
+ Comfy clothes - for the same reasons as above. I loved big, comfy t-shirts and sweatshirts. You can find some in the Row Baby shop!
+ Slip-on sandals or slippers - to give her feet a break while she's relaxing.


+ Letterboard - to set up for monthly pictures
+ “NICU cards” - to set up next to baby for photos when they hit milestones during their NICU stay. Find an example here.
+ Baby bath items - wash, shampoo, towels, etc. if you want to make bath time more personal and fun. I bought my own shampoo and lotion because I loved to try the different bath scents.
+ Baby book or journal - to keep track of baby's progress and milestones. I was able to spend some of my time filling out Rowan's baby book while we were in the NICU.
+ Pictures and decorations - to decorate baby’s NICU area or room. Hanging decorations with Command Strip hangers works great!


+ Positive quotes and art prints to hang up
+ Food delivery gift card - like Uber Eats, Postmates, etc.
+ Gift card to restaurants near the hospital
+ Long phone charger cord or a portable phone charger
+ Gas card - for driving back and forth to the hospital
+ Small baskets or containers to keep belongings in
+ Something for mama and her partner/ spouse to do (like movie passes, etc.)
+ Memberships to Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, etc.
+ Cozy, easy-to-store blanket
+ Coloring books, crosswords, activity books, etc.
+ A contact list of names or numbers of other NICU moms they can contact. (Send me an email if you would like to pass along my info! I’d love to chat with any NICU/ medical mamas!)


+ Snap-up pjs for baby
+ Swaddle blankets
+ Board books
+ Cute water bottle
+ Chapstick and lotion (no strong smells)
+ Toiletries (deodorant, dry shampoo, a brush, face wipes, a toothbrush, makeup)
+ Comfy clothes for mama
+ Positive quotes/ art prints
+ Food delivery gift card (Uber Eats, Postmates, etc.) or gift card to restaurants near the hospital
+ Gas card
What are some gift ideas that you or other NICU moms you know enjoyed receiving while in the NICU? Comment below to let me know!

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